Ninja dojo grand opening and more!

14 11 2008

Hey everyone!
The Ninjas dojo is now here!
Theres a gong in the Dojo 🙂
You just have to wait about 5 minutes and
the gong will come out.
Also I found a clue for the Water,Fire and Snow!
Also theres a sneak peak for the new Stage coming out!
Heres the sneak peak! 🙂
Stage sneak peak!
Well thats all!




5 responses

14 11 2008

Hey! Nice post! The gong is awesome right? Can you comment back on my site? Thanks!

– Chrisdog93

14 11 2008
Coldy Guy

Awesome site dude! Keep it up! I also met you on CP a few times like this morning in Sleet.

15 11 2008

thanks for responding rather than what some people who dont.
Strancp says:No problem!

15 11 2008

Cool post, add me on AIM my username is ojoc123

15 11 2008

I don’t have AIM.

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