Crad jitsu game and Elite force!

26 11 2008

Hey everyone!
The Elite game for the DS came out today but I wish it would come out on PSP so I could play it… Oh well.
Heres a picture of the game! 🙂

Also the Card jitsu game for Ninja traing came out!
I’m currently at a blue belt! 🙂
Heres a picture of Card jitsu, Also comment the status of your Ninja training!

In other news I’m still working on some items for my game so I’ll try my best to finish the game before
summer or in summer but here’s something cool that I’m learning, I can filter the chat so it’ll be safe!
A test version should be coming out in a couple months!




4 responses

27 11 2008

so your making a beta test first and i’m a back belt

27 11 2008

Yup and cool!

28 11 2008

Im a black belt on Duder28 and Victorinocp! and nice post!

28 11 2008

if you want to know how to beat sensei and how long it takes to get belts visit my site.


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