Music Jam Party Cheats and Sneak Peak of RoadShot Productions

11 07 2010

Hey everyone!
Sorry I’m late on posting this but I’ve been hanging out with my bud,
well anyways here are the cheats for the Music Jam!

– The headphones are at the Cove

– T-Shirts are Backstage (For members only!)

– Boomboxes are at the top of the NightClub (For members only!)

Those are the cheats for the Music Jam!
Now I’m going to show you guys a sneak peak of RoadShot Productions!

Click on the image to see it at full size!

Tell me what you guys think in the comment box,

Until my next post, Waddle on!



I’m Back on the Web!!

10 07 2010

Hey Everyone,
I decided to start my membership and at the same time my blog and productions!
My production is with Supercobra and were going under the name of
RoadShot Productions 🙂
Tell all your Strancp and Supercobra fans that were coming all force and were
going to try and #1 most famous penguins besides Billy Bob, Rsnail, Gizmo, and more
moderators! 😉


To all my previous fans: I am sorry that I just quit on you guys, I wasn’t sure if I should quit
because all my other penguin friends were leaving so I decided to quit when StoneWall24
left Club Penguin for good.


2 10 2009

Heyy guys,

I was in club penguin and a blue box appeard.Here it is :


I think that this will be the next pin.It will be haunted and best for Halloween.

Penguin style catalog cheats

Penguin style

The rare black cape is here.Click the mushroom to get it :


The black super hero mask is also here.It was kinda rare.

Click the feet of the penguin to get it :


Finally,the ghost costume.Click the bright thingy to get it :


Here are the backgrounds :


The fourth background was available in Scavenger hunt.

Finally,here is my player card :



Gulchi 😉

Igloo catalog cheats

19 09 2009

Hello guys,

Club penguin today released a new better igloo catalog!There are several cheats!Check them out here!


Go to your igloo and click on the Furniture catalog.


On page 2,


You get the piano!

Next page,

2 cheat

You get the “Bowling alley”!

Next page,

3 cheats

You get a “fridge”!

Next page,


Click on DJ tables and get Wall speakers.

Click on Gramophone,you get Band stage.

Next page,

Click on the construction barrier to get Skittles.

Next page,

5 cheats

Click on Bamboo torch to get a LCD telivision.

Click on Dustbin l0l(Its not dustbin) to get a Guitar stand.

Club penguin also released Igloo upgrade catalog but there are no cheats in that catalog.


12 09 2009

Hello guys,

The new pin is here!Its 101 days of fun pin.As i told,club penguin is running out of ideas.

Its in Pizza parlour.


Thw new book “Penguin tales Volume 3” is launched.You can read the stories at the Book room.


P tales

Here are its contents :


Play catalog

The new play “The penguins that time forgot is here”.Here’s the catalog :


There is only one cheat i.e


Click “G” to get the “Grass skirt.

In other news,The new fallfair item is released.You can get it at the Forest.



Gulchi 😉

Fall fair party+Rockhopper!

4 09 2009

Hello guys,

Gulchi posting!

The fair is here!Here’s the ticket info :


For the fall fair party items go to “Forest”.Here are the items at the that booth :


The red hat is the coolest ones!There will be new items coming this week!

Well,there is an awesome cheat to earn unlimited cheats.

You will have no  fun at the  fair if u do this cheat.Well here’s the cheat :

Play puffle paddle,after it is over press the Tab button so that there is a yellow bar on the “play button”.


Now,pess the “Enter button” rapidly and you will get many tickets!


There is a lso a special room for all the players.The passage is from Snowforts.


Here’s the room :

New room

Members can go to Puffle circus from Forest :

I used Megazboy1 account as i am a nonmember.I know his password.


The puffle circus is amazing!!!!~!!


Here are the prizes for Members :


Clothing catalog

The new catalog is here!


To get the Blackbow click the black thingy under the penguins hand :



The Rockhopper is here and he has brought this :


Woah!People are so crazy about him.



RockHopper’s Coming Back!!

2 09 2009

Hey everyone,
it’s that time of year again (not Christmas) when RockHopper come’s
and he’s not coming with an empty ship, that’s right you heard me!
The Fair is coming!!
Also the new stage is out so yiou might want to check that out!

Until then.. Waddle on!!


Posted September-02-09