New Computer and Stamps Feature!

26 07 2010

Hey guys!
Today I got a new iMac and it’s working great 🙂
But I can’t download all my other programs because
I don’t have the Mac version and I don’t feel like
downloading programs illegally because I don’t
to end up with a fine for lot’s of money 😦
Also my mom’s computer that I had my programs on
had a virus from a couple of programs the same day
and I got in trouble for it.. so my mom removed all
the programs besides Power Director so I guess
until I convince my mom that Camtasia isn’t a
virus. I can still finish my other video.. I think
I’m not sure if my mom is going to let me so
Well anyways today the stamp feature came out
and from all the stupid ideas that came from
Disney, this one wasn’t that bad 😉
It was actually fun 🙂 Everyone was working hard
to achieve 104 stamps (I’m not quite sure if it is
104) Well I know how to take a screenshot on a iMac
but I don’t really want to right now not because I
hate this blog, it’s just that i’m still trying to get the
feel of an iMac and I still need to order my editing
programs for Mac :[
My aunt said she bought them for me because
I’ve been begging my parents for such a long time
and finally today my Dad got me one 🙂
But the main reason why my Dad got me an
iMac is because I’m going into web development
and I need a half descent computer but I got
way over my expectation 🙂
But I might quit my blog because I’m not getting
enough viewers/hits and no comments 😦
So I might quit my blog soon, unless
I start getting for feedback and viewers/hits
per day, well that’s all!


PS: Also I can’t fix my trainer cause Windows
is messing up my whole project 😥
Gotta hate Bill Gates :/




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