New Trainer called “CP Moderator”

25 07 2010

Hey everyone!
I just finished making a new trainer, on this there are 2 features,
to be a moderator and create a server. I will add more features later on!
This is not one of those prorams that I’m going to say that you
have to give me a toy code for it or something like that, this is
a public beta trainer! 🙂
Download Link:
(NOTE: This is still under beta and as a Inter Explorer user as myself
I’ve been having problems, it keeps having this message come up
but it might just be when I’m editing it, so go ahead and please
leave feedback no matter how bad it is!






5 responses

25 07 2010

So who tested it yet?
Did it Work??


5 08 2010

I tried it and it only had buttons and they did not do anything.

5 08 2010

It showed up as a white screen.

7 08 2010

Yea, I deleted it because I quit the blog and making trainers since I can’t get Visual Basic on my Mac

7 08 2010

Because once I delete it, it effects you guys because my other computer is kind of like a database for it


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