You Decide!

5 08 2009

Hey everyone,
today Club Penguin posted a vote to see what would be best out of a Dinosaur Statue,
Puffle Beanbag Chair and a Globe On a Stand.

Furniture Vote

DinosaurGreen Beanbag Chair

Globe On Stand

Globe On Stand

 Also the Splatter shirt that won in a vote a while ago will appear in the new Style Catalog!

Until then.. Waddle on!!


Posted August-05-09





8 responses

5 08 2009

I like the Dinosaur!
Let us know what you think
P.s. The puffle chair picture does
not show up, we are experiencing
technical difficulties.

6 08 2009

there is also a green bean bag and thats my fav, i am making the new post for simpsons today too.

9 08 2009

Hey Strancp, what happend to your KT account PhotoShop help (I hope that is you)

13 08 2009

Gulchi here!My site has like 32,000 hits and i want to put u on my blogroll!Pls put me to ur blogroll and comment at my site.I will add u then.
Gulchi 😉

Admin Says: Please meet me at
I would like to talk about it.
~Strancp 🙂

28 08 2009

DUDE you are in CP’s new Blog Post!!!!

Lol what server were you in?

30 08 2009

Strancp Says: Auctlly that was my friend, I’m strancp1 he is Stran1

30 08 2009

Ohhh lol. Close.

30 08 2009

My email is

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