New Toys Unlock Items Online + more!

15 10 2008

I thought I’d have a poll for 
Poll closed
Also before you vote I hate it can you please try it first 🙂
Hey Everyone!
The club penguin team has released the penguins in the U.S. they are avaible at Toys-r u s
But it’s to bad I live in Canada 😦
But here’s the pictures of the coins

Also here is a picture of the safe chat 🙂

I also only have 26 MB memory left on my wordpress so I might be moving to one of my other sites!




4 responses

15 10 2008

Dont Move Just Delete Old Posts !

15 10 2008

Kool, good idea 🙂

30 10 2008

Hey , how did you made that star?

30 10 2008

I’m a computer genius,lol.
Really, I can make a site just like youtube without a web site builder but I’ll need probally 5,000$ to put it up on the internet.

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