15,000 hit’s party on Friday and some other things!

30 09 2008

Well it’s time for 15,000 hit party on Friday 😉 I will be clicking and recording 🙂
It might be my second vid with my new editor that’s coming 😀
Well here’s the poster hopefully you guys can make it 😉
It’s 15 minutes after school for me so I gotta run home, lol.

Also I’m having a contest it’s… guess the 2 buildings in the poster and if you win you get to have one of my penguins 😉
His name is… (Drum roll… I said drum roll!) STRANCP3.

I also made a penguin on paint today in like 30 minutes here it is 😉

Also Here’s a hint on the contest 😉
Hint: There somewhere in United states and got hit by something.
Well good luck everyone and hope you can make it!




8 responses

30 09 2008

twin towers??? eiffle towers????

anyway wana meet today at server crunch at dock at like 2:00 PST plz tell me if u can make it see a!!!

Strancp1 says: One of those are it 😉
guess wich one.
Also I was at school sorry 😦

30 09 2008

It’s the twin towers and just couple more hits till you reach 16,000 😉

1 10 2008

Oh sweet I never noticed lol and you win the contest!

1 10 2008

stran i cant figure out how to log onto the chat u told me to go on

1 10 2008

Go onto strantube.ning.com and sighn in to your ST account and scroll down the page on ‘Home’ page and there should be a chat and you can only get on if you are sighned in.

1 10 2008

can we meet at ur chat one day and then we can see what we can do

1 10 2008

We were on yesterday 😉

9 10 2008

Yeah I will comment later and see where we can meet

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