Construction at strantube is done!

23 09 2008

I forgot to post this but I made a Strantube along time ago and all my friends joined and they really liked it so today after I made the updates I thought you guys might want join the updates are working perfectly so far and maybe you guys might want to try testing them!
So go and sighn up for a strantube and start chatting with friends on the chat and enjoy the updates they were my fav part about this update like for example, the header was pretty awsome and took along time to do but not the logo, lol that was eazy 🙂
Here’s the latest update on the message board!
Strantube is hiring!
If you want to work on this site to help us make a better site you can but only the 2 winners of this contest sponspored by your club penguin cheat’s and glitch’s!
Make the best logo you can for this site!

(Everyone has MS paint unless you don’t have windows XP or Visita and you can us that but suggested free program that works good too is gimp)

I wish you all good luck and I am wondering who will win this contest!

Contest starts now and ends on Wed. (tomorrow) at…
5:00 Mountain standard time, so keep checking back for me to announce the winners.
You may upload you’re photo’s to the site below

-Photobucket (What I use)
-Image shack

I will be only accepting these site’s for you’re uploads.




2 responses

24 09 2008

hey stran! i tried to upload 1 of my videos on strantube one time and it wouldnt let me cuz my file size was too big. it works on youtube tho.

24 09 2008

You just have to get your emb. code
and go add video’s and click on the youtube photo click on it NOW!!!
please lol
and paste in your emb. code

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