Something weird on Rockhopper’s ship and something for back to school party.

9 08 2008


when Rockhopper came back with his item’s to sell, there were NO item’s at all on the table, weird……….
cause he’s selling item’s so he’s getting penguin’s confused, weird…………………………………………………..


Also tomorrow (August 10th) is my Back to school party, come over and hang with me and my friend’s and my fan’s!
We’ll have alot of fun like playing a hockey game and hide and seek (Hide and seek will be the first game for about 10 minutes and then we will meet at the dojo.




6 responses

9 08 2008
Chris Moran

Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Chris Moran

10 08 2008

Hey, sorry, I read your comment for the back to school party a couple days after the party happend. Sorry …

~Heuwy 😉

11 08 2008

Nice post. Cool font!


11 08 2008


That was a hacker trying to get people to hate me (By saying I was in a coma then telling them I was lying). I managed to get my blog back before then but people thought I was in a coma. I don’t like recalling that period of time.


11 08 2008

Thank’s jelly!


12 08 2008

Strancp1 I’m really sorry I didn’t come to your party. I’ll miss you.

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