Site open and back to school party!

8 08 2008

Most of you are at school all ready and most of you still have like 3 weeks left depending on you’re time, Well I have 3 more weeks and I thought I’d have a baxk to school party! on August 10, 1:00 to 2:00 PST.
Hopefully this time isn’t bad for you,Here’s the invatation.

Speaking of Back to school party this site is open!
I will get to my css by the end of the week so ingnore this ugly theme.





8 responses

9 08 2008

OLYMPICS ARE NOW HERE!!!! YAYAAA!!!! dat was tottaly off… soryy 😛

9 08 2008

Coming to my party?

9 08 2008

hey stran i havent seen u in a while im going

9 08 2008

I think I can make it

9 08 2008

Sweet, Hope to see you there. 🙂

P.s. I made this party because I wanted you all to remember me something by when you’re at school (you’re more then welcome to post my poster on my site my right clicking on the picture and click options and there should be a picture URL)
Thanks! 🙂

10 08 2008


10 08 2008
kool guy

is it am or pm?

10 08 2008

Not in the morning because I can’t wake up that early so I guess lunch time.

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