I have fun news!!! ;-)

20 05 2008

well this morning at 4:41 AM!!! I couldn’t fall asleep so I woke up and went to adobe photoshop on my computer and decided to make penguin mail!!! 😀 here is what it will look like:

  Click on it too see it bigger!
All you have to do is………..
1.Copy image and go to paint program at all programs and go to accessories
2.Click on type tool and ya lol just type what you want
There’s also another way eich will show up MUCH better than paint
1.Open up microsoft word
2.get out type tool
start typing what you want and save it and send it in you’re email’s!

Until then waddle on………….




5 responses

20 05 2008

did u get lulu123 yet stran?

20 05 2008


20 05 2008

Hey stran its rob….wel u know detroit87s contest if i win it i will share the penguin with u because u were banned =) (if u want)

20 05 2008

lol it’s ok, I’m in second place

20 05 2008

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