Penguin of the month contest almost done!

4 05 2008

Hola, today I decided to change the prizes and the new prizes are…………

1.Be on my blogroll!
2.15 credits (I’m not sure if I am exactly going to put this officaily in the contest).
3.Get a new site and you will be on my blogroll.

Number 3 is just if in case you don’t have a site πŸ˜‰ and the contest ends soon so remember click here to pick a number and you might be the lucky winner of Strancp’s golden tickey (That’s off charlie and the chocolate factory) πŸ˜† .
Until then waddle on……………………..




7 responses

4 05 2008

4 05 2008

4 05 2008

sweet dude!!!!!!
keep up the good posting!!!!

4 05 2008

go to and comment plz

4 05 2008

i would love to win the beta cpmac

5 05 2008

Stran u didn`t come to my party
by the way comment a lot on my site i need more views and hits
coment comment comment
By the way i`m putting you as penguin of the month for May in a bit so Congradulations!!!!

6 05 2008

πŸ™‚ Thx! and sorry I didn’t come to ur part. My mom was picking me up and she was late on picking me up from school and then me and my mom went to get a new cage for my dog!

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