Strancp banned for 3 days :-(

30 04 2008

Hello, today I got banned for 3 days FOR NO REASON 👿 I know it was disney and I was wondering, Have you ever been banned for No reason? comment below and if alot of people complaint I’ll email or phone club penguin and tell them that they are trying to get them out of bussiness (it’s true! cause if they banned all the member penguins then they won’t come back ever to get a member for their penguin!).
Until then waddle on……………..




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30 04 2008


30 04 2008


30 04 2008

he’s banned 👿

30 04 2008
awesomeguy 3

getting sick and tired of disney? start an angry mob!

30 04 2008

sweet 🙂 Thx 😉 also I’m gonna phone club penguin and tell them to ditch Disney! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

1 05 2008

lol guys i hope u noticed THAT disny owns cp just they lied to make sure pengunis would’nt quit cp lol o yea i got banned for no reason 😦

18 06 2008

i got banned forever 3 times for no reason!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 06 2008

I dont get it crap isnt a bad word the f word isnt!! they are just words i mean u just say them they dont kill u! its stupid that people wont let u say wat people think that are badwords! they are just words!

18 06 2008

Ya and it doesn’t show up on other peoples screen so I think club penguin are retart’s becuase of that!
Everyone has been banned forever ever since club penguin joined Disney.
I don’t give a shit!

7 07 2008
Cutie pie

soo many people are getting banned and cp is loosing their money!

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