Strancp’s store!

15 04 2008

Hola, Today I got an account on this thing where I can create clothing and sell it and I have mouse pads, teddy bears, mugs and shirts for boys and women in any size.
If you want to order anything just comment below and say what you want.
Note:I may not be able to some things that you want but I will try my best!
Also I will make a page about this!
Until then waddle on……………….




5 responses

16 04 2008

Cool update, comment back 🙂


16 04 2008

Hola 🙂

17 04 2008

yo stran its me penguin i can help u wit animation and videos if u want

17 04 2008

It’s okay, I don’t really need animtations that much and I have a google video account

26 04 2008
Rocky Ritson

Here, can i help u with the shop thing cos im at home sick, bored, and want to help so please donate fo-what am i saying! just let me help ok? good cya round ps im a boy!

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