Banned on CPIP

26 03 2008

Yo, whats up? well today I tried to log onto CPIP and I was banned! only for a day , big deal but anyways heres proof that I’m banned
Until then waddle on……




7 responses

26 03 2008

Sorry to see that. Nice site though!

26 03 2008


26 03 2008

I know it’s stupid

26 03 2008
queen ziggy

hey remember me -queenziggy- well i luv ur site its awesome and remeber to check out mine whenever u like , i try to post lik 3 every week or 2 or everyday so its pretty updated all the time .

27 03 2008

stran meet me on right now so i can add you to my buddies. On test server 1 at the town. OK!!!!!!!!!

27 03 2008

Ugh……. I’m banned forever remember ❓ alsa I’m logging out of my wordpress cya!

30 03 2008

if ur banned on cpip does that mean ur banned on clubpenguin too?

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